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Let's explore it together!


Project DIVA’s International Academy works with girls ages 8-18, guiding them on their journey of self-discovery by collaboratively shaping their sense of the world around them. We do this by:

  • Developing critical thinking skills at her own pace

  • Nurturing her own view of the world

  • Encouraging play and curiosity as a foundation to help solve personal problems 

  • Acknowledging emotional issues that drive critical thinking

  • Considering possibilities and facts that affect decision-making

  • Traveling nationally and internationally up to 4 times annually

Through the International Academy, our girls are:

  • Included in discussions about a variety of topics, issues, and current events

  • Encouraged to share her ideas and thoughts 

  • Encouraged to think independently through developing her own ideas

  • Challenged to think about possibilities for the future

  • Supported in setting goals towards her future visions

  • Complimented and praised for well-thought-out decisions

  • Given support to re-evaluate decisions that were not satisfactory towards her outcomes

  • Invited to explore what living and creating abroad, or in a different community, looks and feels like

Ready to explore the world with us? Email, or click the button below.

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