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At Project DIVA International, we offer a diverse range of inspiring opportunities designed to cultivate daily habits of self-love, emotional security, and financial intelligence in girls.  

S'sence Academy

A sacred space to explore loving oneself and findings one's voices.


  • 80% of our middle/high school girls developed daily habits of self-love and emotional security within themselves.


  • 82% of our middle/high school girls developed effective communication tools to use with school staff and parents by being able to identify some of their triggers.

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Business 369 Academy

A sacred place to learn financial literacy.


  • 86% of our middle/high school enrolled girls understand basic banking language and are understanding the importance of being self-disciplined with their income and expenses.

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Career Exploration

A sacred space to enage in ownership, commerce, and industry.


  • 83% of our middle/high school enrolled girls developed an awareness of the importance of being open to career options that are attained through college courses, certifications or internships leading to higher than minimum wage employment. They also have a deeper understanding of what it means to own their worth and are learning how important it is to advocate for pay that equates to their talent.

Travel Academy

A sacred space to explore being a global citizen



Investment Academy

A sacred space to learn how to invest and set-up early for retirement.

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Auntie Dates

These are one-on-one sessions that provide time for girls to share what’s really going on with them - good and/or not so good. This is where deep conversations are cultivated and talked through and/or celebrated with a leader in Project DIVA International.​

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