“Project DIVA has allowed for me to find out who I really am and what I am capable of accomplishing.”

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2020-2021 Goals:

  • Provide cost -free experiential experiences for our girl members

  • Provide membership packages for all members

  • Provide bi-annual self-care packages for all of our members 

  • Solidify three (3) paid positions 

  • Provide (3) qualified Experts stipends for monthly workshops/courses

Future Goals

  • Secure and sustain the Project DIVA Resource Center (PDRC) headquarters

  • Procure furniture for headquarters

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Since 2007-08, Project DIVA has seen:

  • 100% of current participants meet school attendance expectations

  • 99% high school graduation rate among participants who have turned 18 (peer average is 50%

  • 0.1% teen pregnancy rate

  • 94% increase of economic literacy

  • 40% of alumni pursuing post-secondary education, 60% gainfully employed

  • 50% of current participants (100% who have applied) have earned acceptance into Step Up with Project DIVA's guidance

Project DIVA is not a static organization; it constantly evolves to better serve our girls. Our 13-year history proves the need in the lives of Black girls and our need as an organization to evolve to meet our girls needs.


We are now positioning ourselves strategically toward solidifying the first Black Girls Resources Center (BGRC) in North Minneapolis.


We are on an ambitious and determined path to change the lives of a community of girls ready to move toward sustainability throughout adulthood.  

Thank you for your support!

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