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Traveling opens up a world of opportunities for Black women and girls, but too often we don't feel like we deserve the opportunity. Only 6.1% of students (of all genders) that travel abroad are Black, and the percentage of Black women and girls who travel abroad is even lower.  

Project DIVA members have the opportunity to join the Travel Squad and plan trips both within the United States and internationally. 

We recognize travel broadens horizons, and exposes people to other cultures that they might not otherwise ever experience. We also recognize traveling may not always be safe for Black women and girls. The lack of substantial research into travel habits of Black girls makes it difficult to decode travel options.


Project DIVA International aims to demystify both domestic and international travel, navigating spaces and situations that may be uncomfortable or unsafe for Black girls.


We're here to tell Black girls . . . Yes! You, too, can travel!

Ready to fly high with us?

Become a member today!

“I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.”

- Maya Angelou

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