our girls

Are you ready to set yourself up for success? 

Project DIVA recognizes that no two girls are the same - that's why we firmly believe in girls taking the driver's seat to fulfilling their wildest dreams. 

Self Discover

Through in-person sessions, virtual coaching, and self reflection, we guide girls to self-discover without limits.

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Create Community

We care for each other as a community

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Live Your Dreams

Through the process of self discovery, you can live your wildest dreams.

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Key Focus Areas

1. Economic Literacy

2. Personalized Education Direction

3. Social Health

4. Emotional Wellness

5. Health & Wellness

6. Career Exploration

Project DIVA International invests approximately 240 hours of coaching, group sessions, one-on-one check-ins, school visits, career activities, bonding activities and family meetings into every girl in the program each year.

To learn more or to sign up your daughter as a member of Project DIVA International,
please email us at info@projectdiva.org.