We NEED You!

Project DIVA International utilizes the support of 25-40 volunteers every year to support girls in their self discovery journey. We involve families and community members in giving girls role models of success and culturally elevating experiences as they discover their heritage, own their self-worth and explore new boundaries of their own empowerment.

Community Leaders and Entrepreneurs

We collaborate with business women (and some men!) such as:

  • Audra Robinson who owns Rocky Robinson –– a retail company that creates hygiene products representative of Black girls

  • Shevon Johnson of Faithful Sense –– a candle company that creates affirmative sets of candles representative of self-care for Black girls/women

  • Keeya Allen of The Love Initiative Group –– a coaching organization dedicated to guiding Black girls/women on loving oneself and;

  • Lakeesha Epps & Family of Distinct Beauty –– a retail company that creates soaps and shea butters representative of skin care for Black girls/women.