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With the high number of Black women expected to leave the 'corporate world' due to being tired of the discriminatory practices, we are excited to be positioning our girls to choose where they will be compensated for their gifts and talents!


Our Professional Development Academies! Our Business 369 and Career Exploration academies provide settings for unique multigenerational opportunities where through the exchanges of knowledge, professional exposure and financial management curriculum our girls' vision of their lives are being manifested - NOW.

Girls advance each year through a dedication to their personal and professional dreams. Girls are currently identifying businesses and performing research and development through testing their identified markets. Project DIVA International girls graduate from our programs with the opportunity to apply the educational and lived experience wisdom that they acquire in real time, the technical skills learned and the opportunities explored by their choices while in middle or high school.

Project DIVA International has designed an educational model for an ever evolving entrepreneurial and career exposure curriculum that centers Black middle and high school girls, positioning them and the organization for maximum impact. The curriculum is a mix of lived and professional experiences intertwined with cognitive science while embodying and expanding girls lives through mindset shifts and experiential learning.

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