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The American Black girl is the only girl in American that is looked down upon when she claims space of her own. The Black girls horrific part in the story of slavery and the aftermath of ‘freedom’ following is never a conversation. Her well being and opportunity for success has been an unacceptable upstream battle.

This is a travesty to society as a whole. America has missed out on a more advanced spiritual, intellectual and healthy world, as well as, billions of dollars in contributions that come from these creative, inventive, brilliant leaders.


In Minnesota, Black girls face overwhelming odds in terms of health, academics, on-time graduation, career choices, and more. A study done by the Minnesota Department of Health reports that Black girls consider self-harm in grade 9 almost twice the rate of Black boys (25% to 14%) which is markedly higher than that of their white peers.

Project DIVA International programming targets disparities and misplaced cultural identities (mental, emotional and physical) by first and foremost restoring the girls ‘knowing’ of who they are, belonging, and accomplishment. PDI provides the nurturing, tools, skills and experiences to help Black girls go beyond mental and emotional obstacles to set and achieve goals towards their individualized ideas of success. This is accomplished through a curriculum that is culturally grounded and intentionally designed to expose girls to cognitive science concepts that create mind shifts in their thoughts and behaviors toward their envisioned success.

We exist because our leaders have lived through what these girls are going through.

The women members have committed to ensuring first and foremost, through their memberships, that we take care of our girls. Being a member brings you into the work, owning the opportunity to lift as you climb.

You all helped us meet our last years budget goal! Join us in ensuring that our girls have what they need this year as we scale to touch more girls!

Together let's give them an opportunity to thrive!


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