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Project DIVA Membership


Your recurring monthly donation ensures that black girls futures of economic solidarity, high quality personal and professional development, educational justice, and healing is seamlessly accomplished!


(Memberships are Limited)

Black girl challenges are real. Project DIVA was created to answer the screams for help from our girls both literally and figuratively.

We have been helping girls navigate the states of crisis our girls have been going through for the past 12 years. 


Your girls membership in Project DIVA will bring her resources through:


  • Bi-monthly workshops to support the development of girls personal and professional development

  • Support and Accountability from the Project DIVA community

  • Member-only event invitations

  • Early access and special pricing on events and summits

  • Direct access to other powerhouse girls and women in our community

  • Cultivated environment for economic growth

  • Exclusive access to local and national business leaders and resources

  • Opportunities to highlight your skill of expertise as a featured speaker or facilitator

The Membership Application Process 

1. Click on your choice of membership for the year.

2. It will send a request for you to become a site member.

3. Create your username and password.

4. Our team will receive your request and send you the official application packet for your daughter to become a member.

5. Email the completed application packet to Laquisha@projectdiva.org.

6. Once completed application packet is received, your request will be granted and you will have access to pay your membership fee and your daughter will become a member!