Project DIVA is bringing black girls together from all over the world!

Your recurring monthly donation ensures that our girls futures of economic solidarity, high quality personal and professional development, education justice, and cultural healing is seamlessly accomplished!

Project DIVA has been created to answer the screams from our girls. For years the cries for space and time to think through, talk about and do something about different towards their futures has been asked non-stop.   

Finally, girls who are deemed invisible are blossoming from the power of being able to look within,

connect with their inner truths and create the lives that they envision! 

Beginning August 2020,

Project DIVA hosts virtual workshop sessions for girls 8 - 18 and young ladies 18 - 27. 

Girl On A Journey

  • Monthly sessions (Monthly drop-in opportunity)

Teen Executive

  • Monthly courses (One year commitment)

That Alumni Life

  • Monthly sessions (Monthly drop-in opportunity)

Wisdom Bearers

  • Guiding girls in middle school through high school by way of Group Mentoring or monthly session drop-ins

The Membership Application Process 

1. Click on your choice of membership for the year.

2. Wait for a request to become a site member.

3. Create your username and password.

4. Our team will receive your request and send you an invite to complete the online application for your daughter to become a member.

6. Once completed application packet is received, your request will be granted and you will have access to pay your membership fee and your daughter will become a member!

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