Project DIVA International is bringing black girls together from coast to coast!

Your recurring monthly donation ensures that our girls futures of economic solidarity, high quality personal and professional development, education justice, and cultural healing is seamlessly accomplished!

Changed narratives are what we are after.

Brilliant girls are blossoming from the power of being able to look within,

connect with their inner truths and create the lives that they envision! 

Beginning August 1, 2020,

Project DIVA International is accepting membership for the following:

Girl On The Go (Middle and High School Girls)

  • Monthly sessions (Monthly drop-in opportunity)

Teen Executive (High School Girls Only)

  • Monthly courses (One year commitment)

That Alumni Life

  • Monthly sessions (Monthly drop-in opportunity)

Wisdom Bearers

  • Black women helping to guide girls in middle through

                                          high school by way of group coaching, monthly session drop-ins and/or career coaching.

Extended Family

  • Women from a variety of ethnicities, locking arms with Project DIVA to advance the opportunities of Black Girls. 

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  • Twitter - Black Circle

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